September 8, 2015

For a number of years now eyeDOCS has been hosting local artist and their work at each of our eyeDOCS Ottawa, eyeDOCS Westboro, eyeDOCS Riverside South, and eyeDOCS Kanata locations.

All the artwork shown in our clinics is there for a minimum of 2 months and all artwork is for sale directly through the artists. It is our opinion that these artists are doing us a great favour by allowing us to use their art to brighten up and add visual interest to our clinics, as such we take no commission from the sale of the artwork.

Please feel free to come into any of our clinics housing artwork to browse the exhibits.

From September to the end of October we have the following artist on exhibit.

Anne Barkley – eyeDOCS Riverside South

Anne’s subject matter is eclectic and often abstracted and her process is intuitive. “My paintings lead my continuing quest though exciting new forms of expression.

“In my work, I endeavor to capture something of the spirit of people and their environments. I invite the viewer to step into a world of simple but strong abstract shapes and beautiful colours, and to respond by finding a personal meaning. That response seems to bring the fulfillment or completion of my creations.”

Anne has previously shown her work throughout Canada, the United States and in Italy.

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Marie Arsenault – eyeDOCS Kanata

Marie Arsenault is an artist who over the years have worked in oils, papermache, watercolour and acrylics. She has studied with the following artists: Morton Baslaw (Ottawa School of Art), Shawn McNevin, And Nancy Mayron. Marie enjoys traveling and much of her work has been inspired by her travels through Canada and other countries.

Marie was born in Chicoutimi, Quebec and raised in Ottawa, where she now resides. She obtained a diploma in Early Childhood Education at Algonquin College and worked in this field. In 2011, Marie was selected by the City of Ottawa to work from their Strafford Studios. Presently Marie also sits on the executive of the Nepean Fine Arts League as 1st vice president.

Marie has taken part in many shows over the past twelve years. Most recently;

  • 2014 – Present day : Kevin Dodds Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 2014 – Present day : Sports Medicine Clinic, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 2015 Nepean Fine Arts League Spring Show and Sale, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 2015 Biagio’s Restaurant, Ottawa, Ontario

Future Shows:

  • Strafford Studio’s Open House, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Nepean Fine Arts League Fall Show and Sale, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Kevin Dodds Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

More of Marie’s work can be seen on her online portfolio at and she can be reached at Her work is available for purchase.

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Judith Savic – eyeDOCS Westboro

Judith is a professional artist who allows her emotions to drive her creativity. Her moods coupled with music enable her talent.

She has displayed her work in galleries in Ottawa and shows and expositions in the area. Her frustrations with the “art scene” in our nation’s capital led her and a few other disillusioned artists to develop and stage the Ottawa Art Expo, an annual juried not-for-profit indoor show and sale in Ottawa. The success of the Expo has been inspiring and Judith has been energized to create more of her own work to stimulate and challenge her audience. She still feels “new” and continues to experiment and confront her own borders and biases. She has developed a unique style, blending acrylics with metals and gels to create both a dynamic and peaceful experience. She is always excited to accept commissioned work and completely understands that people can want art that is more specifically designed for an individual’s taste and home requirements.

Please feel free to contact Judith at:


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Maryse (Fillion) Hatchard – eyeDOCS Ottawa

“The desire to create has been in me since I picked up a pencil as a young girl and started drawing. Although I was able to express creatively in different ways over the years, painting became something I needed to do as opposed to something I just wanted to do. A girl started me in watercolours and I haven’t looked back since. I love the way the pigments flow on the paper to create unique effects or mixes of colours as well as the vibrancy that can be achieved with watercolours. Shape, colour, and character are things that inspire me; whether that be a flower, a person, a landscape, or a structure.”

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eyeDOCS is always looking for local artist to showcase in our clinic exhibits. Please feel free to contact our coordinator Allie Gasser at Please include a brief bio and a few pictures of your work/a link to your portfolio.