Save Eye Care

Dear eyeDOCS Patients, On September 1st, Optometrists in Ontario discontinued providing OHIP insured services to millions of children, seniors, and people with certain eye diseases across our province. This action was an unfortunate, but necessary step taken to ensure future access to eye care for all Ontarians.  For over thirty years, Ontario Optometrists have not …Read article >

Contact Lens Recycling; Optical Going More Green

As climate change and green initiatives are becoming more and more important, we’ve come to realize that there is more we, in the optical industry, can do in the fight against pollution. One of the biggest culprits in our industry, when it comes to waste, is surprisingly contact lenses. In America, 2.6 to 2.9 billion …Read article >

COVID safety measures

Dear eyeDOCS Patients, All six of our eyeDOCS locations are OPEN. You must book an appointment before entering our clinics, this includes glasses selection, adjustments, and pick-ups! We will continue to diligently follow our COVID-19 safety measures as we have been doing since the beginning of June to ensure the safety of our patients and …Read article >

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! We’re proud to partner with Bausch + Lomb on their Every Contact Counts program. This year, why not commit to recycling your contact lenses and make a real difference to the health of Canadian wildlife and waterways? Last year alone 250,000 contact lenses were recycled in Canada! Ask us about how you …Read article >

Glaucoma: The silent thief of sight

The Canadian Association of Optometrists has created an excellent educational video regarding glaucoma awareness. The video provides a general overview of glaucoma and the role of the optometrist in its treatment. We highly recommend you give this short video a look!

Ottawa Faces Awards Nomination

Our very own Dr. Melissa Ings has been nominated for a Faces Ottawa award! She can be found under the health and wellness section, more specifically under the optician/optometry category. The annual faces awards was created to recognize professionals and businesses that make Ottawa what it is.  The nominations and votes are strictly decided by …Read article >

Myopia Control

It can be concerning when your child’s myopic (near-sighted) prescription continues to progress. Luckily this is a very exciting time for near-sighted people! There are more options available for slowing the progression of myopia than ever before, so if it is the right choice for your child and family, you can be proactive with respect …Read article >

Why Does the Optometrist Take Pictures of My Eyes?

Fundus photography, or a picture of the inside of the eye, is an important part of your comprehensive eye examination. The camera used is designed to allow high-resolution photography of the retina and the optic nerve.  Although the optometrist is able to view these structures of the eye with a microscope and lens during your …Read article >

Hot Compresses and Lid Massages

The use of a heating mask combined with lid massages will keep your eyes hydrated and also help to heal and prevent styes. The following videos contain a demonstration by Dr. DesGroseillliers, on how to safely perform hot compresses and lid massages. Heating masks can be purchased at all six eyeDOCS locations or on our …Read article >