eyeDOCS is happy provide internships opportunities to third and fourth years students completing their education in optometry. Most optometry programs require that their students spend a full term at a minimum of two different external optometrists’ private practices. We are dedicated to providing the next generation of optometrist with hands on, real-life experience in the field of optometry.

With eyeDOCS’ wide range of specialized eye care services, our interns are given the opportunity to explore their own specialized interests while gaining insight into the many diverse areas of optometry. Our optometric clinics are known for their specialized knowledge in;

  • Vision correction and testing for all ages
  • Evaluations and fitting of contact lenses
  • Early detection of cataracts
  • Early detection of age-related macular degeneration
  • Early detection of glaucoma
  • Pediatric optometric care
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Laser surgery co-management
  • Cataract surgery co-management
  • Early detection of diabetic complications, including diabetic retinopathy
  • Binocular vision therapy
  • Sports-specific eyewear, vision assessment and therapy

Furthermore, eyeDOCS understands and acknowledges the benefits of hiring from within, and many of our associate optometrists are hired from our pool of past interns.

To apply, please send a copy of your résumé to hiring@eyedocsottawa.com with the position in the email subject line.