April 2, 2019

Contact lenses, on blue background

With the growing concern of plastic waste dumped in our oceans everyday, eyeDOCS’s attention has been shifted towards the use of contact lenses and how to properly dispose of them for this year’s Earth Month.

Most people discard their contact lenses by flushing them down the sink or the toilet. It’s no surprise that the plastic contained in these can be found in our ecosystem.  Every day thousands of pounds of micro plastics are released into our oceans only to be ingested by fish and smaller organisms to eventually go up the food chain and end up in our bodies.

There is a solution to eliminate this kind of waste. The proper method to dispose of contact lenses is simply to discard them in the waste bin. An alternative for those who are eco-conscious is to switch to monthly or bi-weekly lenses but ultimately, investing in a good pair of glasses is the most effective way to reduce the waste.

Currently, Bausch & Lomb are the only company that has a contact lens recycling program, although this initiative is only available for customers in the United States.