Marc Carrière, Laboratory Manager

Laboratory Manager and Optical Consultant, eyeDOCS

Marc Carrière has over twenty-six years of industry experience and has been working with eyeDOCS since 2001. As eyeDOCS Laboratory Manager, Marc is responsible for the quality of the finished products that leave our clinics and the execution of best practices within the lab. With his extensive experience, Marc is known as the best source of information for a team member with any inquiries regarding lenses or technology on the market.

As an Optical Consultant, Marc has exceptional expertise in frame and lens selections, he provides friendly and professional services while ensuring that the patient is given the information required so that they can make a well informed decision regarding their vision care products.

Marc is capable of doing almost anything with prescription lenses, from swim goggles, to safety glasses, to specialized sports eyewear. He has also been known to do the custom and creative projects, even fitting historical costume pieces with modern day prescriptions and technology!

Marc’s vision for eyeDOCS is that each and every product that is produced in our lab is held to the highest standards of workmanship and quality assurance. Each and every lens is checked for possible flaws before being fitted in the frame, then again before leaving the lab and then once more by the eyeDOCS clinic staff before it is placed in the hands of the patient.

Marc travels to different optical trade shows to keep himself up to date with latest technology in lenses, equipment and frames. He then brings this knowledge back to the eyeDOCS team so that they can continue to provide excellent service to our patients.

Marc can be found at eyeDOCS Ottawa where he manages the production of lenses for all of the eyeDOCS locations. His considerable skill directly impacts the quality, efficient and convenient service provided to each of our patients.


  • English
  • French


  • Attends industry relevant trade shows to further his professional knowledge.