April 21, 2015

eyeDOCS is happy to be able to offer the iProfiler Plus with i.Scription technology from Zeiss to better serve our patients. “Our goal has always been to increase the value of our service to our patients. The iProfiler permits us to help 15-20% of our patients to see better at night. And that’s real value for people.” says Jean Favreau, Managing Director of eyeDOCS.

Located at our eyeDOCS Westboro location, at 298 Richmond Rd., the iProfiler can be recommended by any of our optometrist at any location should they recognize a need for further vision testing due to discomfort during low light periods, such as twilight and at night.

It is always important to communicate any visual discomfort with your optometrist so that the best treatment can be identified.

How the iProfiler Works

iProfiler-Plus-CMYK-500 Traditionally a prescription is calculated in a two-part process. First the refractive errors of the eye are estimated using an autorefractor and then the prescription is subjectively refined by comparing different trial lenses, this process is called subjective refraction.

With subjective refraction, information you give your optometrist is based more on what you think you see instead of what you actually see. When asked to choose the best lens you may rely on sharpness, legibility or contrast, to make your choice. This method limits the precision of the prescription.

Furthermore because these test are done in optimal viewing conditions often vision problems and discomfort in low light conditions go unnoticed.

Thanks to the iProfiler, vision errors can now be identified objectively by measuring the way light travels through the eye. Dr. Nathan Stolch summarizes the process;

“With the iProfiler over 1500 data points are measured on your eye in less than 60 seconds allowing more subtle focusing errors to be detected that affect your vision quality. These focusing errors aren’t detected with traditional measurements of the focusing ability of your eye and can’t be eliminated with traditional eyeglass lenses.”

This process also diminishes the human errors which occur through the subjective refraction method and allows optometrists to identify your prescription with much more precision.

Advantages of iScription Lenses

The combination of the iProfiler and subjective refraction helps your eyeDOCS optometrist to better identify any errors in your vision. Particularly errors which affect your vision during low-light times.

“Using information from the iProfiler Plus, lenses can be made that are more accurate to your individual eye’s needs resulting in clearer vision, reduced glare, and improved night vision” – Dr. Nathan Stolch.


The above image demonstrates the difference a patient can experience when iScription lenses are used to correct problems caused by contrast sensitivity, low-light vision and night driving due to a reduction in “night myopia”.

Further advantages of iScription Lenses:

  • Optimum lenses with special properties for conditions with reduced contrast, e. g. at night and in twilight
  • Razor-sharp contrast
  • Excellent depth of field
  • Greater safety in situations with poor light

To find out if the iProfiler and iScription technology can help decrease the discomfort you feel at night and during twilight contact your nearest eyeDOCS location to schedule an eye exam with your optometrist.