January 25, 2019

Little baby in warm stroller wearing fur hood snow suit enjoying winter ski vacation in alpine resort. Eyewear and sun protection sunglasses for infants. Child in safe snow goggles in Alps mountains.

You have probably heard of the growing concern for Blue Light protection against digital devices and artificial lights that surround us. Studies have shown that overexposure to blue light can disrupt melatonin production as well as affect your sleep cycle.

Without minimizing the importance of protecting the eyes from some of the products we are using for more than 60% of our day, we want to make sure that you don’t forget that we are also exposed to blue light while being outdoors. Even though we have shorter days during the winters, we cannot forget the exposure of ultra-violet rays that come from the sun and reflect off the ice and snow. When we think of sun protection, we usually picture ourselves doing summer activities or laying on the beach, but we cannot neglect what sort of blue light exposure still happens in the winter time.

UV rays can be particularly destructive to our eyes from November to March due to the amount of snow surrounding us all the time. In the summer, less light is reflected by the green surroundings. In winter, we get about fifteen times more reflection from our winter wonderlands.

Ways to protect your eyes in the winter would be with excellent quality, UV protecting, sunglass, transition lenses, or ski goggles. Although some contact lenses on the market do offer UV protection, it is always best to get a larger lens that offers full protection from any side glare. In addition, darker lenses do not necessarily mean more UV protection. Some lighter colours offer the same UV protection and have some benefits while downhill or cross-country skiing.

If you are ever curious to know if your lenses are UV protected, please do not hesitate to come into any of our eyeDOCS locations so that your eyewear dispenser can do a full evaluation on your protection or offer assistance in frame style choices that will benefit you and your eyes.

Written by Ashley Bush