January 6, 2016

Since the New Year is just beginning we at eyeDOCS thought we would touch base on a continuing trend we see in fashion eye wear for 2016.

Six different brands and six different cat eye shapes from the geometric to the subdued.

The Cat Eye

“I absolutely believe that there is a cat eye for everyone.” – Nathalie Barjolin, Certified Optometric Assistant, Manager at eyeDOCS Riverside South and eyeDOCS Preston.

The cat eye shape was designed in response to the round functional glasses shapes which took precedent in the 40’s post-war society. The cat eyes flared and upturned outer edges were designed as a way of adding femininity to eyewear. The style was introduced in the 1950’s and remained popular through the 60’s.


Designed for ophthalmic wear, the cat eye sunglass was introduced by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (left). The sunglasses were called the “Manhattan” and were produced by Oliver Goldsmith.

Right now almost every eyewear line has their own cat eye frame. This means we have different colours, details and varying intensities of cat eye shapes to play with. When choosing a cat eye frame first choose a colour that compliments your eye colour or hair colour. Second you want to choose a shape that contrasts with your face shape giving you a balanced look.

Hint: Long faces look best in wider frames, round and square faces in narrow frames and diamond faces look great with detailing or accent at the top of the frame.

If you’re having trouble finding the right pair of cat eyes for you visit any of our locations for some expert advice.